Treating Alzheimer’s Disease With Cannabis

It is urgent with studies showing that Alzheimer’s is presumed to triple in the United States by 2050 that we start mapping out effective treatments for this disease. With medical marijuana on the uprise studies have also suggested that it may be one effective way for treating this disease. When an individual has Alzheimer’s, Beta-Amyloid, the active protein will bunch together forming plaques. One of the main symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s is impaired memory. Once the plaques form it can cause confusion with the transmission between neurons in the brain. Hence, making an individuals memory disabled. Although it seems easier to read how to prevent the build up of Beta-Amyloid, it’s a lot harder to achieve it. THC, the main ingredient in Marijuana has similarities to Endocannabinoid’s which are located in the mammalian brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. The Endocannabinoid System is associated with consciousness, emotion, discomfort, and hunger. To put the theory into question, could THC possibly inhibit nerve cell death? Researchers used THC with a beta amyloid that was showing immense amounts of production and found that Marijuana not only lowered the levels of beta amyloid but Marijuana completely abolished the inflammatory response to the protein, in return avoided nerve cell death.





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